What it really means is that 

I do all

the work...


And he takes

 all the credit ! 



...with a male romance author who's handsome, charming, suave, debonair, big, bad, bold and expensive { mostly expensive! }

 and who keeps me barefoot and pregnant with his ideas,



My role in life, my very reason for existing, is to love and cherish and inspire him, guard his alleged talent with every weapon at my disposal, cosset his over-blown ego, invent, inhabit and manipulate his female characters -- even the less savory ones, wear sexy knickers, keep my legs appropriately shaven, wear short skirts, proper stockings and high heels ALL the time, dream up the most outrageous plots ... and pander to his every whim.


My name is Victoria.

I am a Muse. 

And I am in love...